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Labor Affairs Department

Introduction of Labor Centers of New Taipei City Government

In order to carry out labor welfare and fulfill the needs of labor friends in our city there are two labor centers in Sanchung and Wugu Dist. 
The facilities of the labor centers include diverse functions of performance, meeting, education, and entertainment.
We welcome the use of varied business units and groups; besides, the different recreation and entertainment facilities in the labor centers of our city are based on member systems.
The laborers with households registered or working in our city can apply for a membership card. 
The members with cards can use the different recreation and entertainment facilities in the labor centers of our city free. 


1. New Taipei City Labor Activity Center 
(No.9, Wugong 6th Rd., Wugu Dist., New Taipei City)

2. New Taipei City Sanchung Labor Center 

(7-10F., No.8, Jhongshan Rd., Sanchung Dist., New Taipei City) 

Facilities of the location

1. Labor Activity Center of New Taipei City
1 F -- performance hall
2 F --conference room 
3 F --conference room 
4 F --office, library, classrooms
5 F --computer classroom, classrooms
6 F --gymnastics classrooms, Audio-Visual classrooms, karaoke room, sports and recreational areas

2. Sanchung Labor Center of New Taipei City
7 F --office, gymnastics room, activity room
8 F --computer classroom, classrooms
9 F -- gymnastics classrooms, classrooms, conference room 
10 F—performance hall


1. Labor center lease business 
2. Application of membership card for labor center 
3. Recreation and entertainment 


New Taipei City is an industrial city with millions of laborers. 
In order to provide labor welfare and positive recreation and entertainment facilities with diverse functions such as, performance, meeting, education, recreation, and entertainment, besides the labor centers in Sanchung and Wugu Dist., we also plan to increase the amount labor centers to serve more laborers and encourage them to have positive recreation and entertainment activities.

Contact Telephone

Telephone: Wugu 886-2-22983639; 
Sanchung 886-2-29816127
Fax: Wugu 886-2-22983598; 
Sanchung 886-2-89882510