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Labor Relations Division
Responsibilities: dispute management of labor and capital, occupational segregation prevention, gender work equity promotion, labor rights fund operation and management.

Labor Standards Division
Responsibilities: labor security and health, working conditions and safety examinations.

Labor Organizations Division
Responsibilities: labor union guidance, conference evaluation, labor education guidance, labor welfare guidance, labor and health insurance support.

Labor Education and Recreation Division
Responsibilities: labor center management, recreational promotions, labor education guidance and labor university course planning.

Foreign Workers Service Division
Responsibilities: foreign workers management and inspection, foreign workers legal consultation and foreign workers arrangement services.

Disabled Employment Service Division
Responsibilities: physical and mental disabilities employment services, shelter workshops, occupational reconstruction, fixed number employment, occupational injury compensation and physically disabled employment funds management.

Responsibilities: combined planning, examinations, affairs, cashier, documents, and files management, information of business and affairs, which are not in other departments or offices.

Accounting Office
Responsibilities: annual calculations, accounting, and statistics.

Personnel Office
Responsibilities: Organic structure, recruiting, training, award and punishment, retirement payments and other affairs.

Civil Service Ethics Office
Responsibilities: affairs of governmental ethics.

Employment Service Center
registration for jobs or talent wanted, job matching, employment guidance, employer services, information of employment market, assistance with foreign employment application, special targets’ employment guidance, unemployment payment application, and unemployment presumption.

Vocational Training Center
diverse employment development, occupational training, and other combined businesses.

Labor Standards Inspection Office
Safeguarding safety and health of labor in the workplace is the basic labor rights.