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Last updated :2016-08-29

Labor Union Organization

Labor union guidance and assistance

1. Guiding the operation of labor union 
2. Strengthening labor union visit
3. Holding labor group staff discussion 
4. Holding conferences for labor union staff and personnel

Labor union planning

How to initiate labor union organization?

1. Ensuring that the industry meets 「Criteria of industry labor union and occupation labor union」 announced by Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan and in our city, there is no occupation labor union and industry labor union established in the said category.
2. The originator of grassroots industry and occupation labor unions shallfirst collect at least 30 labor over 20 years old in the industry (for occupation labor union ) or the employees in the same company (for industry labor union ) to participate in the initiation and personally sign on the originator roster.

Forms and documents for planning labor union

1. Industry labor union: 
◎ Application of organization initiation
◎ Originator roster 
◎ Job certificate or wage certificate copy 
◎ ID card copy (Front and back)

2. Occupation labor union: 
◎ Application of organization initiation
◎ Originator roster 
◎ Originator job certificate
◎ Originator job termination
◎ ID card copy (Front and back) 
◎ Others