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Management Item

◎ According to the scales and attributes, firms shall install laborer security and health management units and security and health counseling (it is required for certain scales; please refer to Article 2 of Labor Security and Health Organization Management and Automatic Inspection Regulation).

◎ Installing labor security and health personnel.

◎ Setting up self-inspection plan and practicing self-inspection with regard to facilities and business.

◎ Having physical examinations for the laborer before hiring them; Having the regular health examinations for on-the-job laborers; having regular health examination of special items for the workers whose jobs affect their health significantly; The health examination are mandatory for the laborers.

◎ Providing the security and health training class or any other necessary class to help laborers for preventing injury.

◎ Establishing work on the guidelines of security and health with labor representatives, and announce for the implementation after the examinations of inspection institutions.

◎ Dangerous machines or facilities can not be used without the examination of inspection institutions or agencies designated by central government; those expired shall not be used without re-examination; the operators shall be qualified with the proper training, and be tested by central government.

◎ Workplace designated by central government shall test the operational environment according to the regulations; hazards shall be marked and necessary attention for security and health shall be noted.

◎ Qualified first-aid personnel shall be installed onsite; one first-aid person shall be installed for 50 laborers.

◎ If any one of the following occupational injuries at workplace, the employers shall report to the inspection institutions within 24 hours: 

  1. Death.
  2. At least three people died in the accident.
  3. Because of leaking chemicals such as Ammonia, Chlorine, Hydrogen-fluoride, Phosgene, Hydrogen Sulfide, and Sulfur Dioxide at least one laborer should be, or was hospitalized.
  4. Other accidents as announced and designated by central government.